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Professional Editing Services By Experienced Retired Lawyer & Association Executive

Meet Paul Ruden

I was Executive Vice President, Legal & Industry Affairs at the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) for 25 years, overseeing Legal, Government and Industry Affairs for a global trade association. In my work at ASTA, and before that in 19 years of private law practice, I wrote and/or edited thousands of documents.


I write a column for Travel Market Report ( as well as a personal blog ( I also operate a consultancy through which I have served as an expert witness and have drafted large documents leading to major changes in federal legal policy.


Some commentary on my service to ASTA can be seen here.

I have decades of experience writing, reviewing, and editing documents of all kinds, including


  • white papers

  •  Congressional testimony

  •  legislative proposals

  •  press releases

  •  speeches

  •  website content

  • legal briefs & motions

  •  memos

  •  statutes

  •  regulations

  •  policy papers


I offer my services as a copy editor on an as-needed basis, working as an independent contractor to you and/or your business.   My editing services focus on clarity of expression and proper usage of the English language.

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