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How the Simple Process Works

How the Simple Process Works:

  1. You submit the Request for Copyediting Services on the website form below, including the Word Count and 50 percent of the charges based on Word Count. You can insert the text to be reviewed into the form or send it separately by email. Ideally, the text will be in MS Word, but other text formats are fine provided the text can be copied into Word. Links to the text are also fine if the text to be reviewed is clearly identified within the linked material;

  2. I review the text and return to you two things: (i) the original text, with the tracked changes in MS Word shown, and (ii) the clean text with the tracked changes accepted.  You may then accept or reject any changes selectively.

  3. Any questions regarding ambiguities or intent in the text will be resolved via email before the final product is produced. 

  4. The returned text will be accompanied by my statement for services based on the agreed rate, payable within 15 days of receipt. 

  5. Deposits and final payments may be made by Zelle, Venmo or PayPal on this website.

Fees: Per-word-reviewed at a rate of $ .05 (5 cents) per word. Final Word Count shall be determined by the Word Count tool in MS Word and shall be final and binding on Editor and Client.


Why I Use Word-Count Pricing


Word-count pricing is simple, objective and eliminates any pressure to work to the clock. I can reflect as needed on text to assure that I understand its intent and thoughtfully consider ways to improve clarity without adding to your cost. You know in advance what the cost will be, regardless of the time required to complete the job.


Engaging My Services: Complete and return the contact form below. This will signify your agreement to the terms providing for my retention as an independent contractor. You will handle all internal advice to your attorneys and staff about the role of my review service.


We will mutually try to give as much notice as is reasonably possible, recognizing, for example, that time constraints in litigation are uncontrollable to some degree. I will be as flexible as possible, including working at nights and weekends if needed to meet your deadlines.


The agreement includes a confidentiality clause that forbids my disclosure of the work performed for you. Finally, the agreement will disclaim any ownership, copyright or other intellectual property interest in the work product, all of which belong to you.

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